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I 4 paggetti dell’Apocalisse


2 packs (+ catalogue)

mixed media, 21x30.5cm, 2020

in collaboration with illustrator            for "Il Respiro dell'Arte" Exhibitions-cycle through Italy,Germany, Nederland and Swiss curated by Virginia Monteverde.




We wanted to create "protective" accessories that were not directly connected to the mouth and nose, but a certain state of mind. Traditional masks are certainly a symbolic object in the fight against the virus but objectively speaking they do not greatly reduce the percentage of contagion, so we think they represent more than anything else an idea of ​​protection that reassures us making us feel calmer in exposing ourselves to the outside; a kind of placebo for worry. We, therefore, thought of making masks that "protect" 4 points of the body (one for the right nipple, one for the left one, one for the right eye and one for the left one) presenting them in the context of "fast-fashion" which is nothing more than a de-legitimization of fashion itself subject in turn to the influence of a fast contemporaneity.



- Il Respiro dell'Arte (II Edition), Breed Art Studios, Amsterdam, Holland,

​3-17 July 2021

​- Il Respiro dell'Arte, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy, 4-13 September 2020

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