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14'01", single-channel video, digital (Full HD) transferred on H264,Colors,



Cast: sitting man Koji Ogawa, sitting woman Stefania Zambon, waiter Shigehiro Suwa, female dancer Ai Owada, male dancer Tancredi Cocchi 


photography:  Tadahiro Yoshikawa 

post-production:  Pierre Bouchilloux

make-up:  Stefania Zambon 



A man sitting on a chair is waiting for someone giving to him a glass of water to start a weird erotic game, which involves other surreal characters.



From a surrealistic and ironical perspective, “69”, the first episode of the series with the same name, is a fictitious theatrical representation of orgasm by a couple not well defined. Also, the peculiarity of the series is the strict observation of some rules:

- The story must have opposite situations or perspectives as suggested by the title.

- Every episode has to be filmed with a fixed camera at the centre of the scene.

- No camera movements, zoom and cuts in the editing are allowed.

- there is always the role of the waiter who introduces the scene as a kind of historicus.



- "The multi-sensory Impossibility of a Worm", Jean Sadao Solo exhibition, Ogu Mag gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 15 July 2018

- 31st Uppsala International Shortfilm Festival, International Competition, Uppsala, Sweden 22-28 October 2012

- 10th flEXiff Experimental International Film Festival, curatorial program Special flEXiff Competition, Sidney, Australia 21-23 September 2012 

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