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24'56", single-channel video, digital (Full HD) transferred on H264, Colors,



Cast: naked man  Luigi Bellobuono, waiter  Shigehiro Suwa,  

female singer  Tomoe Ishii, male singer  Koji Ogawa, child Tomoka Suwa 


photography:  Tadahiro Yoshikawa 

post-production: Pierre Bouchilloux 

make-up art:  Stefania Zambon 


Combining cinematic fiction with theatre and performance, “69 episode 2” shows us a man, completely naked, cleaning a stool in the middle of a theatre stage. As a waiter puts a plant on the stool, the naked man starts to cut the leaves of the plant. Every leaf he cuts, he starts wearing clothes giving life to a surreal parable.



Following the imposed rules of technique and content of the first episode, “69 episode II” deals with the relationship between Man and Nature.

The first part of the work is inspired by a review of a photo sequence by Duane Michals, made in 1968, entitled “Paradise Regained”: through the narration of 6 photos, a young man and a woman in a modern apartment go back to nature, shedding all their clothes as the houseplants around them grow larger and larger, becoming an Edenic garden.

The second episode reverses this narration, starting from the Edenic garden to a scene with strong symbolic and surrealistic elements that suggest a different vision compared to that of Michals, where Nature, ruling with its balances-imbalances, ideally restores the consequences of Man actions.




- "The multi-sensory Impossibility of a Worm", Jean Sadao Solo exhibition, Ogu Mag gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 15 July 2018

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