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12'58", single-channel video, digital (Full HD), HDV, va. Internet Archive

transferred on H264, Colors, 2011


Cast: Tancredi Cocchi (boy); Shizuka Osanai (girl)


photography  Tadahiro Yoshikawa
editing  Pierre Bouchilloux
music  Mozart's "Piano Concerto no.21" by Apollo Symphony
sound  Umeo Saito
make-up design  Stefania Zambon


The Mantis on the Taxi is an experimental short film where it all starts with a boy lying on a bed who remembers some pleasant episodes of his life, especially his love for his girlfriend. But the reality is different and what he believed it is, are just constantly evolving feelings and thoughts formed by the comparison with the contemporary world, which will drive him to an infinite physical and interior change.



Being inspired by a fact happened of a mantis on a taxi in the centre of Tokyo, the work is an allegory on the identity and sexuality of the

protagonist. Elements that put together with different contemporary realities result not stable and defined anymore, but in constant evolution. An evolution that distinguishes the human being since his birth, but recently it is becoming more evident.

According to Freud, one of the characteristics of the human being is to have many ids (instinctual component of personality that is present at birth), which are multiple identities made of conflicting moments and sudden transformations.  

“The Mantis on the Taxi” tries to show these transformations giving an interpretation, both physical and mental, on the identity and the nature of the human being in a global world which is subjected in turn to sudden changes. A world where solid and definite boundaries between male and female, East and West, real and virtual, carnal and spiritual, are questioned to propose a critical consideration of the reality we live in.




- "The multi-sensory Impossibility of a Worm", Jean Sadao Solo exhibition, Ogu Mag gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 15 July 2018

- Blue Magpie Experimental Film Series/Taiwan, Japan and Beyond, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan 20 December 2017

- 31st Uppsala International Shortfilm Festival, special programm Svarta sagor – Fantastic Film, Uppsala, Sweden 22-28 October 2012 

- 10th flEXiff Experimental International Film Festival, curatorial program Special flEXiff Competition, Sidney, Australia 21-23 September 2012

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